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  1. Admiral Ansoa
    Admiral Ansoa ᴺ1ᴳᴴᵀᴹᴬᴿ3
    took ya long enough to follow me lmao
  2. Vetrix
    Vetrix Mint
    There's a bot infestation and it's spamming up posts every second. Please try and do something.
    1. Mint
      dealt wit
      Oct 23, 2018
    2. Vetrix
      Thanks for the continued maintenance~!
      Oct 25, 2018
  3. Wyatt Ohlrich
    Wyatt Ohlrich
    Ello I am just a chill and nice guy that plays pixel gun.
  4. ElectricShrew65
    ElectricShrew65 Theope~FTW~
    miss ya dude
    1. Theope~FTW~
      Feb 27, 2019
  5. ElectricShrew65
    ElectricShrew65 Mint
    go fuck yourself upside down kangaroo fucker
  6. BuLkA
    Whats up! Who wants to join my clan? V O D K A T I M ™
  7. BuLkA
    Whats up! Who wants to join my clan? V O D K A T I M ™
  8. Greenphx
    PG3D is pay to win.
  9. Greenphx
    Friend me! ID is 147585214. Alt account`s ID is: 165873161.
  10. Oskar
    An idiot that plays PG3D and is lvl 1 in the world. A.K.A 27-31. see for yourself @ the game ex dee
  11. Mr. Kirbs
    Mr. Kirbs
    Dead forums is a dead forums.
  12. Swagmaster
  13. ElectricShrew65
    If you're an old forum vet and wanna reconnect with us we have a discord server. Dm me if you want in.
  14. UltraEnderBlazeX
    Join my clan, Id is 21706754. One space left only. Give me ur best reason why u deserve to join. Don't forget to give me ur ign and Id, too.
    1. UltraEnderBlazeX
      Also, the clan name is PixelatedPyromanics.
      Sep 18, 2018
  15. UltraEnderBlazeX
    Someone join my clan, please. The ID is 21706754.
  16. RandomPG3DPlayer
  17. Sgsunnybee
  18. ElectricShrew65
    ElectricShrew65 Cosmin
    omfg youre that cunt from my server arent you idk
  19. Cosmin
    FaZe extra cos video CHANNEL
  20. ElectricShrew65
    ElectricShrew65 Oddy
    Hey dude, hope you're doing fine.