Dec 20, 2013
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Sep 25, 1987 (Age: 31)

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Administrator, 31

Staff Member Admin

Thank you for the birthday wishes Sep 25, 2014

    1. YoloStar5531
      I lost all my gems a while ago and I have given up on the game but I found a photo and I wanted to see if i can get it back. I also don't know how to put the photo on this message
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      2. Ghost Huntarr
        Ghost Huntarr
        Also, Rilisoft no longer use the forums and have stopped using them for a long time. Plus the game is apparently no longer owned by Rili$oft as you can see from the new developer name change and how it says 'Pixel gun company' when loading the game up.
        Jul 3, 2017
      3. Aʟᴇx
        Dem double
        Jul 4, 2017
      4. Horny Jessica
        Jul 5, 2017
    2. mason
      ive played pixel gun world many times but i think that a open update version would be better than shuting it all down
      that is if your continuing it

      plz continue its awsome
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      2. Phoenix
        Is it too much to ask?
        Is it too much to look?
        Is it too difficult for you to use your tiny 21st century brain and read the ever so obvious text?

        No, I didn't think so.
        Apr 1, 2017
      3. Vulpes
        Dude PGW is dead already are you way too stupid to not read any of the threads around this place? Like, seriously.
        Apr 1, 2017
      4. Zaliox
        rip mason
        Apr 2, 2017
    3. iRedVyruz
    4. Admiral Ansoa
      Admiral Ansoa
      Even tho this forum is seriously dead compared to others made by this engine, i do thank you for letting it stay up regardless of the inactivity, i still somehow hope that this forum starts being active again, if Rilisoft fixes their game.
    5. Random Person
      Random Person
      Vash, we must praise you for this lord forum, I must try to see if you like this to show the proof that you cared for people of your tons of forums.
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      2. Random Person
        Random Person
        Why would I be fishin' for likes even when this forum gets old and we do not simply get on there as much as we are than it used to be?
        Jan 13, 2018
      3. Chronos
        Why are you?
        Jan 14, 2018
      4. Phoenix
        Stop necroing, wtf
        Jan 16, 2018
    6. Medic
      VashX is still inactive... will he ever come back?
      1. VashX likes this.
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      3. Random Person
        Random Person
        He do have a busy life and he still cares for this forum.
        May 21, 2016
      4. Medic
        VashX lives?
        Jun 4, 2016
      5. Mint
        Told ye.
        Jun 5, 2016
    7. ThorneStroke
      You have the same birthday as me!
      1. VashX likes this.
    8. Mint
      Happy (late) Birthday, VashX! I hope you had a good one, and I wish you good luck with any future behind-the-scenes work on the forums!
      1. Zaliox and VashX like this.
    9. GoldMan27
      Happy Birthday, VashX! :)

      PS: RudeWolf also says Happy Birthday as well. :D
      1. VashX likes this.
    10. Duke_
      Happy birthday to you, Vash. Without you, we wouldn't all be gathered here at this very instant. Thank you for creating such a wonderful community that brings all us folks together. Have an awesome day, and keep up the good work.
      1. VashX likes this.
    11. Ruby Rose
      Ruby Rose
      Happy B-Day to ya VashX. And thx for making this forums :D
      1. VashX likes this.
    12. Zaliox
      Happy birthday VashX! :D
      1. VashX likes this.
    13. ᴺ1ᴳᴴᵀᴹᴬᴿ3
      The best of birthdays today, VashX ('-')7
      1. VashX likes this.
    14. Titanium
      Happy birthday Vash!
      1. VashX likes this.
    15. G4M3 0V3R
      G4M3 0V3R
      Happy birthday VashX //_^)
      1. VashX likes this.
    16. Silent Echo
      Silent Echo
      Hey, I recentley made a new profile, because I looked for my old one and I put in the password, but it couldn't be found. My old acount was Black Butler. Can you help please?!
    17. Theope~FTW~
      Hey i got a suggestion.Could you please add some more points?one that has to do with followers and one that has to do with how old you are in the forums or atleast something like that?
    18. FaZe Citrus
      FaZe Citrus
      Can you change my name Tranium
      1. AWSD-Spectre
        Username Change now works. Go ahead, change your name to Tranium.
        Jul 18, 2015
      2. FaZe Citrus
        Jul 20, 2015
    19. Aʟᴇx
      DDoS Protection? I mean really, these spambots are getting out of hands...
    20. MysteeriousGuy
      Can you add a human verification so that we can somewhat avoid spambots?
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    Sep 25, 1987 (Age: 31)