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  1. Random Person

    Hey, it's time to wake up.

    Hey, it's time to wake up.
  2. Random Person

    Hey, it's time to wake up!

    Hey, it's time to wake up!
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    Hi, wake up. We have a lot of stuff to talk about.

    Hi, wake up. We have a lot of stuff to talk about.
  4. Random Person


    Do you have a proof to show the evidence that it's just a same company and they've changed the name?
  5. Random Person

    Join My Discord!!!

    That's what it happens to others when they said "You never know if you don't try" and that won't work either. So... it's not going to work that way.
  6. Random Person

    Join My Discord!!!

    Dude, there is no way that this server is going to survive at all. I've seen other two who set up the discord and it failed to be more successful alive of other servers. So, it is nearly impossible to do that way.
  7. Random Person


    Congrats, there isn't no instructions. So, your argument is invalid.
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    What's the point of making this thread even when we all know that it's just dead and however, I suggest you to stop making threads to make against Rilisoft. This is not A place for you to argue about. It's completely dead, arguments are done. The most effective argument you can make with bunch...
  9. Random Person

    Pixel Gun 3D VS Block Strike

    Honestly, PG3D has everything too OP for advanced players and however, it's more difficult for new players to continue playing while there are other experienced who may call themselves "Rich Kid" that they've got everything they needed to be quite OP in order to kill easily and not dying too...
  10. Random Person

    How i clan play after i cheat

    Well, it's your fault that you decided to hack which triggers up to making you get banned from the game.
  11. Random Person


    What type of version is your phone, if it's old then sucks to be you as because your phone might be too old enough to not be able play itself.
  12. Random Person

    Bug or hacker

    Not necessary. They can't do anything much more with the money, only to buying weapons that are fairly expensive as hell and nothing can be affordable at all.
  13. Random Person

    Innapropriate names

    As we told you about this, it is not our responsible for this at all. This is Fan-made which you should need to know about that.
  14. Random Person

    Pixel Gun on PC

    But the problem is... I don't think it would be the best to play those on PC. You might wanna have to careful on what you're downloading because it could possibly give you a virus but if you really wanted to play a game on PC, go ahead. I don't mind about it.
  15. Random Person

    Here is a list of questions

    1. You might be banned. 2. Rilisoft is no longer with PG3D anymore, they sold this game to other company and WE are not responsible for this as you know it's a fan made forum to be created for fun to contact. 3. Again, bugs... 3. Because... So much stuff they kept adding and more crashing... 4...
  16. Random Person

    Anyone down to fight w/me in deadly games?

    Seriously, there isn't whole a lot of members going on around here.
  17. Random Person

    A Selling feature

    Here's a big problemo: 1. No one cares about this game anymore. 2. Rilisoft just ditched this game to other company 3. Most people kept adding more random stuff into it. 4. I don't think that there are anything going to happen about that. 5. This is not official PG3D forum which is a big...
  18. Random Person

    Hey, Everyone!

    The sad thing about this forum is that our owner known as Vash that are quite really busy with his life and doesn't have enough time to fix around here. We already went through with poll of changing the name for our forum which would be no longer about Pixel Gun 3D anymore since everyone doesn't...
  19. Random Person

    PGW files?

    Uh, NOPE. I would NOT recommend to give everyone out the file. You know how they can be with using that files.