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    Name: Vernon
    Age: Gay
    Alias (If any): Gay
    Gender: Gay
    Race: Gay
    Province born in: Gay


    Eye color: Gay
    Hair color: Gay
    Hair style: Gay
    Facial shape/features: Gay
    Skin/fur/scale color: Gay
    Height: Gay
    Physical Build: Gay
    Distinguishing Marks (If any): Gay
    Disabilities (If any): Gay
    Clothing: Gay


    Greatest Fear: Gay
    Worst thing that could happen to him/her: Gay
    Most at ease when: Gay
    Most ill-at-ease when: Gay
    Priorities: Gay
    Biggest Accomplishment: Gay
    Biggest Regret: Gay
    Soft spot: Gay
    Strengths: Gay
    Weaknesses: Gay/ Mike Pence
    Religious (If yes, then favored god?): Gay


    Magic: Gay
    Favored Weapons: Gay
    Weapon(s) description: Gay
    Extremely skilled at: Gay
    Extremely unskilled at: Gay
    Non-combat related strength: Gay
    Training: Gay
    Talents: Gay

    [Brief History]
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    that's pretty homo my dude
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    Name: “Kenneth Dawgier”
    Age: 18
    Alias (If any): Ken
    Gender: Male
    Race: Hybrid, Ghoul
    Province born in: Canada


    Eye color: Red
    Hair color: White
    Hair style: Shoulder length
    Facial shape/features:
    Skin/fur/scale color: Pale
    Height: 6ft5
    Physical Build: Athletic
    Distinguishing Marks (If any):
    Disabilities (If any): Recovering schizophrenic
    Clothing: Mostly regular/Civilian wear these days.


    Greatest Fear: Losing his new life
    Worst thing that could happen to him/her:
    Most at ease when: Around familiar people
    Most ill-at-ease when:
    Priorities: Family
    Biggest Accomplishment: Participation in Synth War, being recruited as one of the youngest members in ICG history, being assigned to Task Force 27 and Albatross, helping turn the tide of the war. Also known for several other battlefield achievements and for countering the Lazarus Event.
    Biggest Regret:
    Soft spot:
    Strengths: Intelligence and problem solving skills, extremely high combat capability and versatility. Virtually unlimited level of speed and strength, backed up by very high levels of agility.
    Weaknesses: Aria
    Religious (If yes, then favored god?): None, but does have a favoured god


    Magic: Immunity to most forms of magic that aren't physical attacks
    Favored Weapons: IXA, QPR Rifles, Hard Light Tech (trademarked by @Singularity ), Tendrils
    Weapon(s) description:
    Extremely skilled at: Hand to hand combat, energy based attacks, energy manipulation and absorption, weapons handling and usage.
    Extremely unskilled at: Minimizing collateral damage, hence being ICG’s emergency trump card as opposed to a regular trooper.
    Non-combat related strength: Extreme healing factor, can practically return from the dead and total physical obliteration. Can also take flight and recently acquired the ability to teleport without the usage of tech.
    Training: Unknown
    Talents: Combat skill, Intelligence (capable of picking up any given weapon and knowing how to expertly use it in seconds), Natural abilities

    [Brief History]

    After the events that transpired in the Synth War, Ken had to undertake a difficult decision that would make him a marked man for the rest of his life. With the release of sensitive and crucial information that lead to the war ceasing, he was branded a war criminal due to the means needed to acquire such data. Worlds were destroyed to bring peace to galaxies.

    In the destruction that followed, he was presumed dead, merely a loophole for him to relive his life, with the help of a family that took him as their own, and the ICG recognising his sacrifice, backing the transition. Ken died. ‘Kenneth’ lived on.



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