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  1. Trey Pinicle

    New Video!

    Hey guys! I have started to record PG3D with an app called AZ Screen Recorder. I have uploaded the video I recorded to YouTube and it would help me out a lot if you guys could watch the video and give me feedback on what you think of it. *NOTE* I'm a dumas and forgot to record the audio so there...
  2. Trey Pinicle

    More Settings.

    Glad we see eye to eye :)
  3. Trey Pinicle

    More Settings.

    I have been paying alot of attention to the people who cant run PG3D due to a slow device, I believe that we should do everything we can to make PG3D a game everyone can play and enjoy. ----------- Graphics Settings ----------- Its quite simple, add a tab or spot in the settings where players...