Knights Of Kovek: Chapter 1

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    "Yo, Rise and shine Wolfy! Another contract for ya!"

    Having a nightmare about the worst events of your life, then waking up to the sound of mail arriving at your door step. It starts to get tiring after a while, and being a mercenary doesen't help eather. I got up to do my daily things, like getting dressed, cleaning my teeths and fangs, brushing out any loose fur on my tail, Fixing the bed, all that stuff. Then going to the the door to see what other jobs the 5 Kingdoms got for me.

    Client: Balac King Judav IV

    Thats strange... normaly Balac would think they're too good to hire a mercenary like me. Must be something important, or could be a trap.

    Client: Balac King Judav IV
    Objectives: •Visit the Balac Kingdom and go to the Royal Hall for further information.
    For this leter may get in the wrong hands.
    Reward: 890,000S 82G

    Judav must be desperate for something. 890,000 Silver. Thats enough money to last us a few months, Might as well.
    But the Royal Hall. Balac never uses the Royal Hall for anything... Something's going on...

    When I went downstairs, I was immediately greeted with a girl yelling in my face.
    "Yo Wolfy! It's about time you finaly desided to wake up, now pack your $#!+ and get out."
    "Nyla... No need to be rude to Tal, after all, he is paying this entire village's debt to the Kingdoms after all."
    "Dad! He broke my damn sword! Now Im not able to go outside the town anymore"
    "Thats your fault for challenging me to a duel Nyla" She tried to hit me with a paralyze spell, but I dodged it just in time.
    "Just get out man." She said rather playfully.
    "Will do, Cya Mr. Jankens."
    "Good luck Tal."

    Nolka... A village just on the outskirts of Arliss and the ruins of Anatolia. Where the trees and crops grow freely, and the air smells crisp, and free. I might actualy live here permanently, If I wasin't out all the time, 'venturing from Kingdom to Kingdom to get payments in gold and silver to help others in need. I was walking towards the enterence/exit of the town untill I was stopped by Nilla, a young sister of that other person who "hates my guts" for some reason.
    "You're leaving again Tal?"
    "Im afraid so... The contract dosen't seem dangerous though."
    Nilla began tugging my pants
    "But I don't want you to go! I want you to stay!"
    "Nilla, We've been through this over, I don't know, 68 times. Im coming straight back here after I'm done."
    She began to wipe the tears from her eyes. "Last time you didn't came back untill the 3rd Crescent Moon."
    "That was because of family issues over in Belka. Don't worry, I'll be back."
    When I was about to continue walking, Nilla tugged at my leg again.
    "What is it now?"
    "Can I have a piggy-back ride? Just one more time before you leave?"
    "Heh... ok"

    I let Nilla jump off my shoulders before exiting the small village, and into the woods.
    I could hear Nilla and a few others yelling, "Come Back Soon!!!" When I went into the woods.
    "Yeah, I'll come back, I promiss!"
    Now, onwards to the Kingdom of Balac, which is... NorthEast from where Im at. Thank god for compasses because I couldn't see the sun from where I am. So, this is gonna take a few hours on foot judging from the map. If only I could fly...
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