Preparations for a competition (NEW: Christmas Theme)

Bloody Ghost GirL ^-^
Ok, after the second skin competition, which was almost two weeks ago, i'm planning to organize the third skin competition. The reason why i want to organize it so quickly after the second skin competition is because Halloween will arrive us soon! :grin:
And wouldn't it be cool if we would make a Helloween-themed skin competition?! You just have to post picture(s) of your spookiest skin on this thread and i will register you for the competition! As always we need 10 competitors to start the competition.

PS: Only spooky and/or Halloween-themed skins are allowed! :tongueout:
Put a deadline for Pete's sake.

Well time to make a Wraith Skin...
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oh no! i might not make a skin in tome to get into the competition! TIME TO MAKE THIS SKIN!!