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    Guys, I have a confession to make.....
    Earlier, I made a few ALT accounts, and liked some of my own posts with them. now, you might be thinking a few things right now:
    1.) Whaaaa?
    2.) Why would he do that?
    3.) You better explain yourself RIGHT NOW, mister!

    First off, I want to say that I’m really sorry for doing this, and I know that there is no good explanation for doing it. But I do want to try to explain in the hopes of being forgiven…..

    Ok, the reason I did this actually has nothing to do with getting likes or anything like that. I know that a lot of you guys see me as the “new guy”, and I guess I didn’t want to be viewed like that. I thought by giving myself likes, I wouldn’t be regarded as the “new guy” any longer.

    Of course, like any good forum, I was eventually CAUGHT. After discussing things with a moderator, I see now that is was a bad idea. I made a mistake, and I promise not to ever do anything even close to it ever again. So, the question is now up to you guys….

    Will you forgive me?
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