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    Hello! Our discord server for PG3D clans is looking for more members! :sunglasses:


    All are welcome. We have in our clan list always clans which are in TOP (usually 5-10 clans). Most known clans here are Justice (always in top 5 clans) and We've already won. Our discord staff is helpful, server have long history since april 2018. Currently 1600 members [4th novemver 2018]. This number is increasing every day. So don't wait and join us! :smile:

    Want more info about server?
    It was created for clan Justice, then some other joined as our "alliance". Some nice people with them. So there it all started. We are trying to do server better and better, so you can see there a lot of cool things as channels #siege-tips, with actual siege tips for clan members, #bug-reports to see actual bugs, all showed with pictures, you can join clan member ranks by writing command or by clicking on reactions (emoticons) in channel #about-us, where are some words about every our clan. Members can see their clan channel ;]. Want to know more? Join and check it there! :grin:

    You don't have account on discord? :fearscream:No problem, create one, solved :tongueout:




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