(discussion) post your screenshots of any hackers or aimbot users here!

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    note: this thread does NOT support hacking or breaking the rules of the game in any way shape or form, nor its intended to do so, this thread is to do the exact opposite and support the termination of any hackers in the game.
    hello people, today i wanted to talk about how infinite health hackers made their way to the iOS platform, and clue for this is that i have found one on duel mode this evening by the time of making this thread.
    anyways, i'd like to see your opinions of this, and also, i'd like to ask our fellow members to post screenshots of any hackers they encounter, so they can be sent straight to Rilisoft, but also to be used to try and stop the one who spread the hacks in the first place, i am talking about, you guessed it, Esoteric inc, who was one of the 3 or 2 masterminds behind spreading and making the hack available to the public, now, how will this help you may ask?
    well, i can see how this could be positive from the following points
    1) getting Rilisofts attention and letting them know that their number one most used platform is getting invaded with hackers
    2) stopping Esoteric inc from ruining the game any further than he already has
    3) Terminate the existence of hackers in the near future, and possibly getting Rilisoft to be more in touch with the community
    if hackers are going to spread, then people will quit the game, resulting in Rilisoft losing income, i hope you all had something informative today, and i will see you soon.


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