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    As many are probably thinking just post again in @R. Red Rederax's corner. But there is three reasons why I'm not.
    1. I have already double posted waiting for someone else.
    2. My stories are more of dark content that doesn't fit in with lighter content.
    3. I work faster. Yes my stories are probably horrible but I like to get to the point people.
    As for my first year it's on a policy all have said to have taken thought America. Once more viewer discretion is advised.
    As in all we have heard of the anti-bully policy... But as to no surprise... No one ever enforces it because...Doesn't matter.. It isn't your problem... As long as you see life in a nice way all is well... Let the other man suffer... let the other man brun in Hell... As long as you see all to be alright.... Who cares about the other guy.... As long as you see the light of day and not a spiralling depression... As long as you forever live in peace... As long as you shall remain as you were... All is fine... In the end this so called "policy" is just something they say because they must and because it looks good on paper...
    In the end this why I don't like I don't listen to people... I would rather pay in blood... Even then my admits are worthless...


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