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    Hmm if we just play 1 tournament for the 1st time it'll be alittle too old fashion how about after the 1st deathmatch tournament then the semi final as in team death then final would be deadly games hows that sound? Anybody agrees with me?
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    I guess stating this would've been helpful in the Rules section. Oh well.

    Tournament matches will have the following guidelines to server setup and the like:
    • All matches will be played in Deathmatch (since these are 1v1 faceoffs).
    • All matches will require the standard 20-kill limit set, if the players wish for no mediator. If there is a mediator present, the kill limit will be set to 25, to avoid issues in killing the gamekeeper.
    • All matches will consist of 3 slots (incase you want a gamekeeper/referee to moderate the match)
    • All matches will also take place on the voted map once voting is finished. No exceptions.
    • The winning amount of points for all matches will be 20. In the case of mediated matches, the score will still be 20, regardless.
    Gamekeepers/referees have the following guidelines:
    • Make sure the game is played by the rules mentioned.
    • Gamekeepers will also be a second witness to the final score, to avoid any mishaps or lying.
    • Gamekeepers must wear a bright, vibrant skin during the matches, so as to not be killed. If an opponent is also wearing a bright-colored skin, then please use a blank white skin. (Subject due to change depending on final map choice.)
    • Gamekeepers must also try and find a hard-to-reach vantage point, so as to avoid being killed during a match. (Subject due to change depending on final map choice.)
    That is all I can add for now, I come up with punishments later, should opponents disobey the rules.


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