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Now that iOS has finally caught up with android in updates I thought it would be a good idea to ask everyone for ideas on future updates. I'm not sure where Rilisoft get their ideas for their updates because I haven't ever been able to get a response from them. Nonetheless I was hoping we could all work out some areas or ideas which we would like to see most in future updates.

Please be thorough in your ideas as some ideas may need more clarification such as:
  • More guns (what kind?)
  • More maps (Same as above)
  • Better graphics (how?)
  • More skins (such as?)
  • More coins (lol)
  • Longer campaign etc.
Anyway I think you get the idea, now here are some of my ideas:
  • Maps in offline mode: Basically the ability to scour all multiplayer maps in offline mode.
  • Crouch ability: Like an extra button or command to be able to crouch.
  • Kill Stats: I enjoy stats but basically id like to see some stats like kills, death, deaths/match, shooting accuracy.
  • Custom Skin Market: Like a marketplace for buying/selling custom skins. In order to not be exploited skins must not be able to be altered and must have a max available sale price.
So those are my ideas. By the way, before posting please think if your idea could realistically become part of a future update. If not then just state it as something that you'd like but don't expect to see. Any and all ideas are welcome though.
We already have a suggestion thread for the Discussion section, and one in the iOS section. I do not need a third thread for suggestions.

Sorry, but I'm locking it for redundancy.
Not open for further replies.