Game crashing often. Android S7 edge.

Discussion in 'Pixel Gun 3D Device Issues / Bug Reporting' started by CuseTJD, Oct 7, 2017.

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    I've only been playing for about a month. My game keeps crashing. I have reinstalled it and cleared the cashe. I'm usually good with these things, just no luck this time. I play on a Samsung S7 edge. I have plenty of free memory and all apps are up to date. I mainly play team death match and team strike. The game hasnt crashed in team strike. But it is common to crash durring team death match. Very common to crash durring sniper forts. Also it crashes often right as a battle ends. I played the arena once and that crashed a ways in. I also noticed It will reset my kills for head hunters alter and the monster thing when I crash. (Not sure that makes a difference) Anyone have a fix? Or any ideas? Anything helps thank you. Ps when I say "Crash" I mean it really crashes, closes right out.


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