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    -House Barsanti-
    •Overview:- House Barsanti is an organisation of a group of people working towards to bring honor and glory upon their House. They fight in the name of House Barsanti. Today I am requesting people who are willing to join our cause and pledge their allegiance to House Barsanti and to fight for and agaist all the foes of the House in the world of Pixel Gun 3D.

    •Introduction:- I am Flavio Barsanti of House Barsanti, 1st in command of House Barsanti my brother Riccardo Barsanti 2nd in command. He is in charge in my stead or when I am away and unable to take part in the activities of the House. 3rd in charge is Roberto Barsanti.
    • We require the candidate to show respect and maturity towards fellow House members and most importantly towards our foes.
    •We require the candidate to have basic knowledge in the English language as we use it in the clan chat.
    •We require the candidate to contribute atleast 15 medals a day.
    •We request the candidate to wear our flag(logo) on your cape to represent the house only if you have purchased custom cape from the inventory
    • We require the candidate to have average skill at Pixel Gun 3D

    •Contact:- Flavio Barsanti
    Id: 145387906. I am sure to accept all requests.

    •Clan name: House Barsanti
    Id: 20604738

    - Sometimes loosing a battle you find a new way to win the war-


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