How to use the Bastion properly - awesome gameplay

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    The Bastion is a lethal weapon, but i rarely meet anyone using it during gameplay. The reason for this is that, compared to other weapons, that the Bastion is not so easy to master and with the very low ammo capacity and the slow fire rate, and the lack of shooting straight, and not to forget that the "bullet" travels very slow, makes it a hard weapon to master, and it takes a lot of practice before you can use the Bastion as your primary weapon.
    I do not master it yet, but it is a very fun weapon to use, and even though i still am a "new" player and still learning new things every day, as you can see in the video below, i am on the right track when it comes to mastering the Bastion.
    In the video you can see how to use the Bastion properly during gameplay, how to make rocket jump kills and how to aim with the Bastion.


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