I'm new but not to PixelGun3D


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New to the forums. I'm a pretty good player with over 10,000 wins and a kill rate of 3.24. I LOVE screwing with homing missile noobs, Lantern users, and storm hammer spammers. My favorite loadout is to have the Nail Minigun and Solar Cannon just for these types of people.
I'm more of a sniper person (not the cell spammer type of sniper), but I will use a Secret Forces Rifle and Sunrise Sniper.
I still find a lot of players. Maybe if the owners actually listened to the problems and bugs with the game, people wouldn't leave so easily.
Hammer spammers are kinda the reason I quit back in 2015, and after coming back, Lantern users are why I hardly play anymore now. The anti hero rifle and laser bouncer seem like a problem to me as well. But hopefully people like you can run the noobs out of the game. You sir, are a saint.
Hammer spammers were a problem. Everyone hates them. But with weapons that inflicts slowness like Frost Beam Spell, Icicle Minigun, and Nail Minigun, it's a noob's worst nightmare. Slow them down, then finish them off with an explosive weapon and keep spamming that combination til they rage quit. Works exactly the same with flamethrower users and Lantern noobs. Face it, their predictable tactics completely rely on getting close to you. Take that away and they lose.
The best parts are when they start calling me a hacker for winning back to back, then calling me a noob for deliberately picking on them.

I try annoying as many cancerous players as possible.