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    Akula: So me and Sagitarius decided to make a club, wherein members are to play a game with a specific set of rules. In short, we've made an Airsoft-like mode in PG. We might also start hosting tournaments in the future, if this actually turns into a thing.
    Also, you're allowed to join even if you already have an existing clan.

    Sagitarius: Hello, this is TheRudeWolf, also known as Sagitarius. Before we begin, ask yourselves these questions:
    Am I...
    -Tired of being smashed up by the over-powered mechs?
    -Tired of having being killed off in less than 5 seconds by the gem-based weapons?
    -Tired of not having fun?

    Well then, today I bring to you the "PG3D Airsoft Club".

    Club Banner by Akula

    This club is a clan based in the forum, and is focused on simply having fun without any biases and/or unfair treatments. Given how we are a forum-based club, there are some requirements that are needed to be met.

    • Must be at least Level 22 or higher. Every member must be on the highest tier so that we are all compatible.
    • Must have been a forum member for at least 3 months, and have no prior conviction (warning points) within that time period. This is to have only the trusted and respectable members of the community to be in the club. (Do not try to lie either, TheRudeWolf can tell.)
    • Must have at least 50 posts in the forum, and at least 100 likes. We seek community contributors in this club as well.

    Rules: 3 strikes and you are kicked out of the club.
    1.) No boots.
    2.) No armours.
    3.) No mechs, turrets, and any other power-ups.
    4.) No weapons other than the basic ones.
    5.) Rules must be followed at all times.
    6.) You are to unequip every banned weapons and gears prior to entering a server. Failure to follow this rule would result in half a strike.
    7.) If you start attacking other members with an armour, you will receive 1 strike.
    8.) If you start attacking other members with weapons and/or accessories that are not permitted, you will receive 2 strikes.
    9.) If you equip the Laser Sword, you are not allowed to use other weapons during a game. Once you have that in your hand, you basically go medieval with the futuristic weapon.

    Here is the list of weapons allowed to be used in our club:
    -Stubby Shotgun
    -Best Friend

    -Pixel Gun

    -Combat Knife
    -Battle Shovel
    -Laser Sword (Once equipped, you are not allowed to use anything else)

    -Sniper Rifle
    -Hunger Bow

    -Signal Pistol
    -Grenade Launcher


    -Sagitarius (Founder)
    -Akula (Co-Founder)
    -Ruby Rose (Mascot)

    Blackout: If you are interested, feel free to ask Sagitarius by a private message. :smile:
    Sagitarius: And do not forget that I am a moderator. Anything that violates the rule will be met with a consequence. :sunglasses:
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