Pixel Gun is totally not broken or unbalanced at all

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    Why is this even remotely possible, could someone please explain how melee is totally not broken right now and I see few people using it in the low tiers (if there even is a tier system towards ranks) like seriously, it's so broken and unbalance compared to all other weapons both damage and score per kill wise lol.

    Also this is a key note, I am a f2p player and not planning on spending money on this game + I found a little bug in the campaign missions that it gave me extra gold when I completed it so it helped me somewhat.

    Loadouts includes: Level 13 charecter
    Simple Shotgun, Executioner, Fire Demon level 2 (primary), Pet Dragon Level 2 (note I use this as a secondary when and not as my primary, Law enforcer, code gun (too lazy to type the whole thing).
    Samurai helmet, maniac mask, Editor Cape, beserker boots, heavy iron armor (note i got this for free and didn't spend any money o this). Only grenade and no other gadgets, Pet pterodactyl level 1

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    The game wasn't always like this. It was fairly balanced back then until they decided to get stupid and greedy with money. That's why a lot of players here have quit playing this game. Rilisoft is driving away their players. Once kids realize this game is completely worthless, they'll drop itand move onto something else.


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