Rate all 12 months from best to worst!!!

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What are your two LEAST favourite months???

  1. January

  2. February/march

  3. April

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  4. May

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  5. June/July

  6. August

  7. September

  8. October

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  9. November

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  10. December

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  1. mrawesome9002

    mrawesome9002 The depressed fat Freddy Fazbear

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    Hello there everybody ^.^

    Since 2015 just kicked in: I thought that it would be kind of cool to make a thread where everybody could state their opinions for ALL 12 months, rated from best to worst WITH reasons.

    Here's my list:
    1. August: THIS, MONTH, IS, PURE, AMAZINGNESS... Not only is this pretty much the month where my family almost ALWAYS goes on vacation. But it also has my birthday (August 19th, 1999), hot temperatures, a LOT of visits and sleep-overs from friends, and non-stop gaming!!! Oh and "August" for short is "aug" which is the name of a gun for crying out loud!!!

    2. December: snow, Christmas, New Year's Eve. What's not to love???

    3. July: July is pretty much just a less awesome version of august. Although Independence Day (July 4th) is really fun!!!

    4. June: July, but without Independence Day.

    5. October: not only is this the PERFECT month to scare friends, eat candy, scare random people in town, eat more candy, etc. But Halloween was when I played my VERY first horror game: the original FNAF. (Oh and another certain event that Happened for me on Halloween 2013 that I would rather not talk about...)

    6. November: Christmas hype starts. Need I say more???

    7. May: this is probably one of the most boring months. But as soon as it's over; SUMMER STARTS :grin:

    8. April: home to the day where I can pull off ANY prank and not get in trouble :smile: the rest of the month just OK, oh and Easter is cool :3

    9. February: it's just March, but almost every candy item you can buy has red/pink packaging because of valentines day.

    10. March: February, but without the themed candy.

    11. January (the current month... Sigh) : this month sucks, Xmas break ends, all of the lights and decor comes off of everybody's houses. And NOTHING else happens...

    12. September: summer vacation ends, nothing exciting happens, all of the sudden schoolwork gives me more depression and anxiety than I already have. Etc...

    Now what's your list??? :grin:
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  2. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose The Silver Eyed Warrior Staff Member Moderator

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    :eek: u have the same B-Day as my brother,except he was born in 1997.
    As for Favorite months,I really don't know.I really just go by seasons.
    I like Fall the best,so I guess months with Fall in it I like.I like Fall because of Thanksgiving and Football!!!!(and the beautiful scenery of the leaves changing color:3)
    Next is Summer.I was born in June(30th,1999)so I guess that is my favorite month of the Summer.:grin:
    Winter,I like playing in snow and I also like Christmas.But also January is in the winter which is the month that I lost someone dear in my life,but I don't hate the month.Just brings back sad memories.
    Spring,eh,never really cared for it that much.Besides Easter of course,I like Easter.


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