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Discussion in 'Site Feedback and Suggestions' started by Mint, Jul 8, 2016.


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  1. Mint

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    Just a thought in my head.

    We have quite a few RP-related threads in the off-topic section of the forums, but I find it somewhat hard to wade through the sea of truly Off-Topic threads to find the small school of RP-Related-Thread Fish. What I propose is that a new sub-forum is created for the purpose of RP-Related Threads/Stories.

    Looking forward to hearing what the rest of you think.
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  2. GoldMan27

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    I'll say this much, Mint, you aren't the first person to suggest such a matter.

    In the past, we've also had users suggest a Fan Fiction board as well which would operate similarly to what you have said. I know the RP sense here is perhaps a lot stronger than the amount of fan fiction that gets posted (or on-par I'm not entirely sure), but nonetheless, it has been requested a few times in the past. If I recall however none of the past suggestions got up to VashX, but perhaps this time around we might be able to change that, but only if this gets enough momentum. I remember in the past I had said I would tell VashX regarding a similar feature, however, I had requested there would be some momentum behind the suggestion before I request it, just to show to VashX that the community would like to have it.

    So, if you can get perhaps more than 10 or so people (15+ would be preferred), I might opt to suggest the feature. I just basically want to be able to show VashX there's a sizable amount of people who want this feature, and not simply one or two people.


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