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    I can see i am not the only one posting about this, but here you go with another thread about the issue. I created this account solely to post about it actually.

    I play on my phone (android, on an old HTC One) as well as on my pc with bluestacks. I use the same google play account on both. Yet, the characters on those 2 devices live a weird half life. What i mean by that is that using the sync feature (settings -> Sync data), some things are shared while other things are not.

    Shared things include (but are not be limited to):
    - Character level
    - Character equipment
    - Character pets

    Non shared things include (but are not be limited to):
    - Character ID (although the same account is used)
    - Gold and gems
    - Clan
    - Friends
    - Skin

    Please complete the cloud save to include all settings. The world gets more "digital" every day, and thus the number of devices that people use. As such, the issue will only become larger over time if you do not facilitate a complete (and automatic retrieval of a) cloud save.

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    Yeah the sync really sucks however we are just a fan-made forum (which for some reason has a bug reporting section still) so we cannot do much to help you. I would suggest contacting them through their support email.


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