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    This thread's main purpose is for the community to converse and have fun in the Shoutbox in the form of a game that can be played by few or many members of the Pixel Gun Forum.

    Rules are as follows: You must use try your best to use the word "Moderator", Moderator related words or forum slang (ex: Post, Spam, etc), portions of the word "Moderator", or the name "Goldman27" (In honor of our very own Moderator) in a title of any/all of the categories of Pop Culture. These include:
    •Movie titles
    •Book tiles
    •Television show or network titles
    •Video game titles
    •Names of celebrities

    Please refrain from speaking about the following subjects:
    •Sexual references to Pop Culture, words, or phrases
    •Vulgar language or titles
    •Subjects that would be offending to other members of the Forum

    The Forum appreciates your understanding and I hope that members of this forum can become more social through this game and be more tempted to speak to one another in the Shoutbox so that friendships can be created and this forum can grow.
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