The Sniper Forts Team Tournament!

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    After playing a lot of Sniper Forts on Team mode recently, I have decided to hold a forum-wide tournament! Here are the rules:

    1) Teams must have four members.
    2) Armor is disallowed, but feel free to wear hats, capes and boots.
    3) For balancing purposes, the Prototype is a banned weapon in this tournament.
    4) Be creative! Come up with a team name!
    5) Upon completing your team, post your team name and members in this thread.
    6) Map explotation is strictly disallowed, if it is reported to me that someone have done it (with proof of course), he/shes team will be disqualified.

    The first round of the tournament will be held Sunday Next Week, 10:00am, AEST. If we don't get enough teams by then, I will push back the date. Good luck!

    EDIT: Welp, daylight savings starts is on the weekend, I won't be able to confirm the time of the tournament until at least Saturday.
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