Thousand Deaths


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This is based on the M61 Vulcan 6-barreled rotary cannon.
= Automatic
= Primary
= Legendary
Firing sound:

= Minigun Pistol's

= Efficiency:
25 (8 HP headshot)
= Fire rate: 100 (6000 rpm)
= Capacity: infinite
= Mobility: 100
= Cost: 999 coins
= Level required: 27

= Extremely HIGH fire rate (100 rounds per second)
= Infinite Capacity
= No need for reload due to its infinite capacity
= High damage
= Can target airborne users
= Deadly even in long range due to its accuracy
= Poor mobility
= Expensive
= Has a insanely inaccurate fire burst
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State specifically how much damage this weapon deals per shot. This can absolutely make or break the weapon.

Unless the weapon deals almost no damage per shot, this is extremely OP. This makes shots almost impossible to dodge, does not encourage any sort of skillful aim and tactics, and provides little opportunity to counter.

Again, horribly OP. Since one will never be depleted of ammo and never need to reload, it's going to encourage skillless gameplay and eliminate almost all opportunities to counter a user of this weapon.

If it's this accurate, then it makes this weapon that much more OP and again encourages skillless gameplay due to the fact that one won't even need to try to aim.

Even on its own, 100 is not poor mobility. That is more than enough mobility to comfortably move around and kill players without even trying. On top of that, with the Storm Trooper Mask and other speed-increasing accessories, one can move quickly enough to where this con is completely negated. Even if it did have absolutely horrible mobility, this still doesn't matter in the long run since one could easily switch to a much more mobile weapon to quickly move around, then switch to this weapon whenever they wanted to kill with it. As such, this could not feasibly be considered a con.

Not a con. Anybody can be sniped. Considering how you also stated

you completely negate this point because of how you state this weapon can be easily used to kill snipers at long range.

Weapons this OP being this expensive only encourages P2W and/or hacking. Sure, because you can grind coins, a player could grind enough coins to get this. But let me compare this weapon to another 999 coin weapon. Despite the fact that it costed coins, it was so OP and skillless to use that everyone hated it, and still hate it to this day. The Storm Hammer. Essentially, this is the Storm Hammer in minigun form. Do you really want your weapon to be another Storm Hammer?

Oh, who am I kidding. You clearly like OP weapons based on your loadouts and the characteristics of your suggestions.
Keep in mind that this weapon has a high chance of inaccuracy in continuous fire and that he will be the primary targets of Sniper users and Premium users.