Top 10 PG3D Maps (in my opinion)

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    So, basically I noticed that no one has thought of posting a thread with this idea, so I went ahead and posted it myself.

    These are my top 10 maps. Feel free to make objections to my list like "OMG why u put firing range on this list it sucks so much" or make your own list below. By the way, I like chaotic gunfights, so yeah. If you don't prefer chaotic gunfights and sniping, welp, feel free to object.

    Alright, here we go.


    Blockmart isn't the best map in terms of how it looks, but it has a really good layout which made matches on this map very chaotic and well balanced. Not much happens in the parking lot, but all the fighting happens in the grocery. People are shooting each other with Prototypes, Peacemakers, Laser Cannons and all kinds of guns. Grenades flew everywhere. There were people jumping on top of the aisles too. Snipers stay away from the chaos and pick off targets. It was a new kind of chaos. (when it first came out) These days other maps are becoming more popular and Blockmart doesn't have much people playing on it resulting in fairly boring matches, which is why Blockmart falls behind at the #10 spot. The layout is what keeps it on the list though.


    Firing range is kind of too small for me, but lots of action happens in this map. Since there is hardly any cover in this game (except for the brick wall segments in the center) it is guaranteed that someone will die every 2 seconds. I got a triple feed once and it was pretty easy due to the map's small size. Overall the map looks pretty good but is simple, and if you want to have a chaotic gunfight with targets all around you, this is the map.


    Had there been no bridge for people to cross, this would have been in a higher spot. The symmetrical layout is great and in terms of aesthetics it looks pretty good with that waterfall on the side and the Mesa mountains surrounding the map. Great sniper spots and smart aligning make this map have action packed sniper battles all the time. Sadly, most people tend to cross the bridge and attempt to fight in close range, which totally destroys the aim of this map. So @RiliSoft, either remove the bridge or make it appear that it fell down into the water, although I would prefer the latter.


    In terms of chaos, this map isn't the best, although its classic style helps to make it well balanced. There are areas for snipers, shotgunners, grenadiers and pretty much any play style. Teamwork can be used to its advantage in this map. (but sadly almost no one actually cares about teamwork in PG3D)


    Yes, I know that people (including me) are still nagging about this map because it is probably the #2 dater attractor in PG3D (behind the infamous Paradise Resort) but don't get me wrong. This map has a great layout. It is absolute chaos on the ground. Everywhere you look people will be killing each other with grenades, guns, swords and everything in between. On the top, snipers zoom in their sights and wait for their next victim. It is a chaotic balance that is actually pretty clever.


    Sky Islands is one of those old maps from back in the earlier days of PG3D, and it still retains all the glory it had in the older versions. There is a lot of cover and the rock arch provides a great aesthetic feel to the map. There are many sniping positions and it can get chaotic in that area under the rock arch because players tend to go there for some reason. Usually when you get killed by a sniper, you have to get a closer look at the killcam to see where they shot you from.


    I thought that Silent School should have been number one, but then I scanned through the other maps and I decided that there are three other maps better than this one. (aka the top 3) Silent School has lots of detail which makes it aesthetically pleasant to one's eye. It is also really creepy. The center hallway of this map is very, very chaotic and is always full of people. It can be so full that one shot with a Prototype from either the classroom or library side of the hallway is guaranteed to kill almost everyone in the hallway. (if they are aligned) This map is the target of school servers, and the players in school servers usually hang out in the courtyard. The school servers are annoying as heck, and they are why this map didn't make it to the top 3.


    I'm pretty sure many of you guys had no idea that I was going to put this in the top three, but I did. Arabian Dust gets that amazing map from Counter Strike and refurbishes it to fit with the play style of PG3D players. What I like about this map is the overall layout. Lots of cover and lots of areas for defense in CtF. Another thing I like about this map is the back and forth gameplay. At one point my team is pushing the other back to their spawn point, then out of nowhere we are falling back and the other team is pushing us. It's sort of like a tug of war. This is probably the only map where I've experienced true teamwork besides Two Castles.


    Two Castles is a really, really good map. There are many sniping points for support, doorways for defense and turrets and places for everything. When flag captures are attempted, the attempter will usually try and rush through the middle of the map in order to get the flag, although the sheer amount of snipers will probably kill him/her quick before he/she grabs the flag. Flanking around in the grass areas is a great way to get to the flag unseen, because snipers usually tend to defend the middle only. The tunnel that goes under is also a good option, but many players know of that area, so it isn't the best. The middle of the map is very chaotic, and it's almost impossible for a sniper to pick a shot off at jumping players in the middle of the map because they are too quick. However, players who aimlessly run towards the flag are easy targets. Overall this map deserves it spot.


    Of course. The one and only pool party, aka the kingdom of chaos. People rush out of the changing areas with whatever they have and start blasting at players in the pool area. Grenades and rockets explode literally everywhere you look. Some would try to stay away from the action by corner camping or staying on the roof, but these won't help. Chaos is abundant in this map. Camping is basically impossible and its symmetrical layout is great, which is why this small map is great for 1v1s. Chaos is now abundant on the rooftops simply because everyone knows you can go up there now.

    Do you agree with my list? Feel free to object below or make your own list, just like what I said a while ago.
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    I agree with your list here's my top 6 (10 is too much xD)
    6:two castles
    5:winter wonderland (campaign)
    4:asztec temple
    3:Arabian dust
    2:Sky islands
    1:tongueout:ool party

    Cause they are simple and perfect for a FPS not like paradise resort....better. For honeymoon than killing
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    Personally I used to really enjoy melee fight but it's always had problems
    People jump up to the tops of the map and people follow so it becomes a parkour battle
    If your blue team unles your teams really good you are going to be constantly hemmed in
    And now with storm hammer the map is unplayable with another melee weapon so you can not play and have fun without the storm hammer


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