Top 100 Clan Goals: Recruiting Active Players To Join Clan

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    I'm Thyzeouz, I play to win(earn) max medals to develop my clan fort! I earn 400+ clan medals a season. I banish 10 inactive players a week because inactive players join perhapes because my clan flag looks cool, cool name and I earn a lot of medals. So I currently have 9 members, four which have proven themselves to be integral to the clan so far! I accept all clan member siege invites no matter what I'm doing in the game! I think the game says I'm online all day since I receive squad invites all day from PG3D friends, idk! I've been focusing on developing a well fortified fort, soon I'll focus on high siege wins! The goal is to reach and remain Top 100 clan, so if you reference Clan's #99 up to #1, that's what I expect from members. I reply to all in game chats, so feel free to join and ask me any questions if you have any!
    If you simply play to win regularly, you will meet these expectation.
    Expectation must be met:
    Must make Average Income Daily: 15 (minimum) 30(Average) or Siege Daily *Please type "Sieged" in Clan Chat if you sieged and your medals are a below minimum*
    **Siege Players Matter**
    If you earn 115 clan medals in a season(1 week) you get 3 off days.
    Coordinate your days off however you please, I'm good at math!
    I acknowledge all players activities related to medals and sieges!
    If you exceed expectations you may have a week off.
    If you don't take a week off and continue to reach expectations you receive one of three Clout status: (1)Lieutenant (2) Captain (3) Flight Lieutenant **Reserved to individual Member with 14 Sieges weekly (No Medal minimum required)**
    What you say is gold, you may request to invite any(one) you want to join after full capacity(20 members) and I will see to it immediately upon request, you may request whichever average members to be banished. You will receive Pro player friend requests, Craft Heart(s), community and respect!
    Effective: June 28, 2018

    Clan ID: 20769318

    The Clan Went Public Approx. 2 weeks ago


    2627 Medals

    292 Open Chest


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