Why Am I Getting Upgrades On Guns That Are Not Supposed To Have Upgrades?


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Ok so before the update happened that changed the upgrades to levels I bought the anti champion rifle. I noticed that it had upgrades but it was not supposed to because my brother also bought it but he had no upgrades. I went with the upgrades because they were cheap enough to afford. I wasn’t able to get all the upgrades before the update. But what the update did was it made my anti champion level 15 and the upgrades were outrageous. 165 gems for the first upgrade and I don’t even know what to expect for the second upgrade. My brother still has a maxed out one and never had to pay extra. We both paid the same amount of gems to buy it in the first place. Is there any way I can fix my gun to make it maxed out like it was supposed to?
That's interesting that your brother didn't have upgrades because the Anti-Champion Rifle will always have upgrades no matter what when your first buy it. There is nothing wrong with your gun and unfortunately, you will have to buy the outrageous upgrades to get it maxed out. Your brother's account might be bugged out slightly if he bought it and it was maxed out because it SHOULDN'T be maxed out regardless of your level when you first buy it.