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    Hello, everyone,

    Today I have decided that the amount of lore for Gold Man is so much, it needs a thread to keep it all intact. This thread will detail all current/deceased RP characters I have used in RP to date. Without further ado, here they are:

    • Gold Man II (currently active):
    Gold Man II is the most active and current RP variant of Gold Man that I currently use. He resides in the RP realm currently, as a ruler of a city he took over when he landed. As a benevolent leader, he seeks to gain neutrality and potentially an alliance with the residents of the ShareHouse. He has plans to eventually build a city of his own on the realm, in hopes to solve the population crisis that resides in his ruling realm. He took over the current city as a means to understand the people of the realm, and to better understand their ways, so that he would not do any wrong in their eyes (despite having attacked and rebuilt said city in under 48 hours). In spite of this, he is a rather kind character, and one of the more kind variants of Gold Man.​

    • Gold Man One (currently inactive):
    Gold Man Stands as the parallel opposite of Gold Man II. He is a warmongering, cold, and ruthless leader in his ruling realm. He aims to expand his empire to the cosmos, and in doing so attracted the likes of DeQuantum. In an effort to ramp up his arms race, he commissioned his science division to develop and construct, Golden Golem, a towering, mechanical ultra-weapon capable of mass destruction. Unfortunately, the unit went rogue before Gold Man One could properly use him, and entered the cosmos to pursue DeQuantum and DeActivate. He currently resides in his realm, attempting to gain more reseach for space-travel, to one day be able to expand his reign across the universe.​

    • Gold Man Prime (currently inactive/mentioned):
    Gold Man Prime is the looming, powerful leader of all the Gold Men of varying dimensions. As a trans-dimensional ruler, it is his duty to maintain order among the ruling realms. He also has in place a law that prevents Gold Men from travelling into each other's realms for conquering. In the event two different instances of Gold Men were to meet and fully comprehend each other's thoughts, they would inevitably cause a major hole in the fabic of the space-time continuum, resulting in the full and utter annihilation of the universe. Although his powers and capabilities are unknown, he is seen as a wise-beyond-his-years ruler, knowing full well of the capabilities his dimensional variants have at their disposal.​

    • Adam(semi-active):
    Adam is a half-clone of Gold Man Prime who currently resides in the RP realm (same as Gold Man II). He owns a bar named "GoldMan's Tavern" (which was named such prior to Gold Man II's arrival), that resides in the city that Gold Man II took over. Being a dimensional variant of Gold Man, he often tries to avoid or reveal as little as possible about himself to Gold Man II, so as to prevent the destruction of the universe. Being a clone of Gold Man Prime however, he lacks all the powers of Gold Man Prime. He also has an alternate ego as Adam Goldman, a leader of the Scientific Coalition from Bert and Adam Coltsworth's realm, and the man who ordered for Adam Coltsworth and his father to be killed. He simply bides his time as a peaceful being who owns a drinking establishment in the RP relam to escape from his duties on his ruling realm.​

    • Bert (currently used):

    • Golden Golem (currently inactive):
    Golden Golem stands as a menacing, tall, and heavily equipped weapon of mass destruction. Armed with more weapons than your conventional battleship, he was built by Gold Man One's science division as a means to assault DeQuantum/DeActivate and finish them once and for all. However, due to some errors, the unit went rogue, and currently roams the cosmos in search of the two.​

    • Adam Coltsworth (to be used):
    Information to be added shortly.
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