Add a 5v5 mode to clans like, it was back then with siege


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Clans 2.0 honestly sucks compared to clans 1.0

I loved the previous clans. It was an amazing 5v5 where you could upgraded your defences and could fight alongside them against players. However, I checkout out clans 2.0 and it’s literally just fighting against npcs. There is no 5v5 like the previous siege matches. It honestly sucks in comparison to the old one. All you do is kill npcs and defend against monsters, I want to fight actual players.
This clans 2.0 has so much potential if they just bring the 5v5 system to the clans 2.0. That would make it just like the old clans but even better with the new stuff added in.

You can keep the whole clans system the same, just add a mode called clan siege. Where you use your own clans base and tank to fight against the enemy. Pretty much exactly like the previous clans siege in clans 1.0. Just now with the new stuff