An idea for an update- a selling feature

Do you think a sell option in pixel gun 3D would be a good addition?

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An idea for an update in the new year - a new selling feature.

Have you ever wanted to get rid of all those skins you don’t use. Have you ever wanted to throw away that plasma rifle or that AK-48 you don’t use? Imagine if you can not only get rid of those items, but also get your money back from them? Behold, Cubic Games: the sell feature. In this thread, I’ll be discussing an idea that can be a great addition to the game, and will bring back many players who have rage-quitted after getting killed by the Nanobots rifle ten trillion times.
How will this feature work?
So, let’s say you wanted to get rid of a gun so you can buy something else. What'll happen?
Whenever you buy an item, the game will remember the cost you bought the item. If you bought a 172 coin weapon, for example, the game will remember that price, so when you decide to sell it, the game will know how much it will give back to you.
The sell button will look like the buy button, and it will be right next to the buy button. The button will only appear if you select guns that you have, of course, and when you tap the button, a window will pop up saying, “Are you sure you want to sell this item?” If you select yes, then you will earn your 172 coins and that weapon will be out of your hands and back on sale in the armory.
Balances to this potential feature:
If the mechanic is just what I wrote above, it could be obviously overpowered. If a player bought the most expensive item in each section, by selling them, purchasing other guns and selling those, that player could use all of the weapons when he really only bought one.
One solution to balance this feature is to make the amount that you get back a little less than the price that you bought the weapon. That way, the player can earn most of the money, but they don’t get back all of it, so they can’t use the flaw in the normal mechanic mentioned above. But this will obviously piss off players, especially ones who don’t spend as much real cash than other players. I like to envision a balance that not only cuts out the flaw, but satisfies the player enough.
Instead of getting a little less when selling an item, when the weapon comes back for sale in the armory, it will be slightly more expensive. So when you sell that 172 coin weapon, you get all those coins, but the price of it will increase if you decide to buy it again. That 172 coin weapon will now be worth 198 coins, which won’t matter if you decide not to buy that weapon again (I’m looking at you, impulse rifle!). It’s still risky for the player, though, because if you want the weapon back, you have to pay more.
Final words
I think that this selling mechanic will be a great addition to Pixel Gun 3D, as people could sell their crappy guns, get better ones and play the game more! When I was buying weapons, I always researched if it was good or not, knowing there was no turning back. I can tell you how mad I was accidentally buying the impulse rifle and the piranha when I was on the respawn screen, and the sell feature would allow me to get my money back. If you have any questions, suggestions, or if you somehow got triggered with this post, please tell me in the comments! I really like feedback, good or bad.
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Some things I forgot to mention:
  • Weapons that have been bought will keep the price tag which would function as a selling tag. The tag number could change if a player sells that item.
  • You know when you could try a weapon for free every now and then, and the price would more than halve for an hour after that trial? The game would remember if you bought it at that price, in case you decide to sell that item.