Here is a list of questions


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When I wanna play multiplayer, it always connecting to the server and never get inside?My network is good
I really want to ask Rilisoft a question are you scam MONEY?!Always banned!If a player buy tons of diamond and banned by you stupid staff then he will crazy?
Yes, I finally join a game, why I see a player isn't 22 level and above but why he have the gun?Then you will ban and scam MONEY?
Only ban ban ban ban players, why don't upgrade the game, why don't have fps120?
I have my old Google backup data and I wanted to play then you say one thing, cheat detection!Fak You
Guys help to to answer these questions k?
1. You might be banned.
2. Rilisoft is no longer with PG3D anymore, they sold this game to other company and WE are not responsible for this as you know it's a fan made forum to be created for fun to contact.
3. Again, bugs...
3. Because... So much stuff they kept adding and more crashing...
4. Not our fault... It's a game. I recommend you to quit the game.