I got mean with another player.....

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    So I was playing in sky islands,and some girl joined. She was getting kills and doing well (I was on blue,she was on red) . But I started to kill her more often...and this happened.

    I'm the one named Stefano (I choose to name my player dude names. And I rarely chat because of if lagging and daters). Deadly Owl obviously explains to this girl what the b-word means. She left the match,but joined back after the last match ended. She started to complain again and I finally had enough of her trash talk. She called me a b-word again,but this time I didn't ignore her. I wish I got a screenshot of it. But it was the last couple seconds of the match. And most of the words I would have to block. But it goes like this.

    Girl: Ur a b-word

    Me: No. You are.
    You wanna know why?
    Because my mom didn't give birth to a dog like you.
    Now excuse me,but I'm gonna leave now.
    Have a good day. :grin:

    I AM NOT MEAN ALL THE TIME. Matter of fact I rarely ever chat,but this girl got on my nerves so much. All she ever did was trash talk the whole entire match. She was making people leave too. Afterwards I felt bad and wanted to apologize,but she left. So I walked up to mirror and said to myself that I was sorry and I shouldnt have gone off on her like that. And I moved on. So lesson of the day kids: Don't be like me when I'm angry. And don't be like this girl whenever you're losing.
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    When I'm mean, I have no regrets because the people I'm mean to either messed with me, or at someone else who doesn't deserve it. You did...well...almost well by the way.
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    There are people that fight back harder than you, with NO regrets.
    If I HAVE to fight back, I throw a mix of sarcasm and a bit of words back.
    And, just like the guy above me, I HAVE NO REGRETS. Almost everyone (including me) has a side (almost) nobody wants to see.
    More toxic people? Turn off the chat. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.


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