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    I know the forums are pretty cooked by now, but just wanted to leave this here for the few members who knew Anne that aren’t in the Discord group.

    Anne, known online as Renegade or Derelict, sadly passed away mid-February due to an acute liver failure. We were notified this morning by a sibling of hers. I’d like to thank him as we most likely would have kept pondering her sudden inactivity without his word.

    Anne was a beloved member of the forum family, pioneering the golden age of roleplay on the forums and had a brief stint as a moderator. But Anne was practically a mother figure to some members of the forum, being one of the most approachable people you’ll ever meet, and giving you the exact advice and/or pick-me-up you need. The forums would have most certainly not been the same without her presence.

    RIP Renegade, gone but certainly not forgotten.

    I’ll be leaving this thread unlocked for those who wish to leave their own little tribute or talk about their experiences with Anne, but please keep it civil.
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    My condolences. It's been a while. I'm sorry I wasn't there for her.
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