Op weapon removal


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I tried posting it on their Facebook, but no one ever noticed it and now the weapons are gone... So I’ll post it here.:grimacing: I put many hours of my day into this, so I rather hear someones opinion rather than no ones!



Smart Bullet Bazooka: The bullets must be made slower so players could run away from them, or shoot them down. After traveling a set distance, the bullets should explode.

Swarmer: Keep it the same, just lower the damage.

Nanobots Rifle: Slightly reduce damage, but greatly reduce the capacity and fire rate. Make the Nanobots bigger and slower so the player can shoot/avoid them. Allow the creation of one nanobot per shot rather than multiple. The gun should fire as a rising-looping arc. Shortly after the nanobot begins to rise, it will begin to slowly explore the map.

Judge: Bullet speed must be very slow, but silent and easy to turn. Each bullet should last around 20-45 seconds before they explode, and should come with a self-detonation option. Alternatively, this weapon could be made into a turret for the Siege gamemode.

Bee Swarm Spell: Opponent should receive constant damage as the swarm follows them. However, the swarm (and damage) should divide itself onto other players if they get too close.

NOTE: Ammo should work differently for spells. Let there be a magic meter that charges over time.

Resurrection: Make each kill still count.

**PS: I don’t own the Judge, the Nanobots Rifle, or the Swarmer. I own the Bee Swarm Spell, but I’ve never used it.


Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!