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    (WARNING: This Fan-Fiction Series of the Pixel-Gun 3D Campaign Story has discription of Violance,) (Gore, Profanity, and Sexual Content.)​

    Day: 7 (Night 7)

    Preparing the house for a likely zombie invasion was hard work. Not only was it hard work... But the hammer I had to use to board the windows up, constantly oinked whenever it struck something. Good Lord, if I see a Pig, and if it oinked, I'm killing it. Cal was making something with the scraped parts I brang back from scavenging. This time it looks like... A sort of, umm. Thing, yeah, a blue, thing with a car battery attached to it. It's going to be night time in a few moments. Time to Lock n' Load for whatever is going to attack.

    I must have fell asleep when Cal shook my shoulders and tossed me that one purple rifle thing. Apparently that one creature was near. And that I need to be ready to aim and fire. Guess that the scary monster thing is...


    Yep. It's defiantly here. And close... Eather it was on our front door steps, or is just really loud. Or both.
    "The Armored Stalkers! They're here!"
    "Armored wha?..."

    The doors and the windows were starting to break down as screeches were heard from the other sides. "No Better way to test weaponry than with live combat!" Cal yelled as he picked up a rather heavy looking blue thing with parts of the car battery on the bottom. Doors are about to break down. The Purple whatisface Rifle... Tuned and armed.

    Door begin to shake.

    Screeches are becoming louder.

    Guns and other tech whatsis are armed and ready.



    "Be Careful, The Armored Stalkers don't just attack blindly, they attack with strategy similar to wolves." ...Then after a while, the door broke down instantly. With three, Four-legged things with a mouth for a face walking towards us. The Purple Rifle thing did work on them, killed one in one shot, then it over-heated. My pistol didn't do anything, Bullets just bounced off as if hitting an armored tank. Then Cal went up close to one of them and yelled out. "Eat Volts you Devil Spawn!!" Apparently that blue box thing he was holding was a Tesla Gun... How the heck can he make this stuff from scrap?

    "Alright... The Stalkers are taken care of... Now the hoard of zombies walking towards us!" And when he said hoard... He defiantly ment a hoard. We have a bunch of ammo here. We can probably survive the night if we just keep on shooting. Note that I said Probably... Even though we have a crap ton of ammo. There were also a crap ton of zombies. Maybe more zombies than bullets so Every Shot Counts.
    Zombies were getting closer towards the door. And we weren't gonna greet them without a welcoming gift.

    Day: 8

    Somehow we managed to survive the night. The sun is rising on a red, corpse littered land. Cal fainted due to exhaustion trying to fix that tesla thing. I remained on guard dispite how sleepy I was. We wasted almost our entire ammunition supply, some guns broke down, and an open unsecure door. Things arn't looking good for us, atleast the Stalkers had metal plates we can use for something. And all of the dead bodies will indimidate bandits from coming to our house. But it will also attract more zombies... I grabed the shovel, Time to do this again.
    "The Barn House... Theres allot of supplies there, but..."
    "But What? Zombies?"
    "No, not zombies. Survivors"
    "Guess we'll just kill them and take their stuff"
    "No... Look at that"
    The entire front lawn of the barn house was littered with zombies and stained with blood, and not a single one reached the front door.
    "Guess these guys are some REAL survivors."
    "Not a good choice to raid this place... Wait..."

    They both went quiet when someone stepped out of the barnhouse, armed with a shovel, a pistol, and a shotgun. A girl, with a blue over shirt, white undershirt with blue stripes on the sleeve. Brown pants and leather boots.
    "...isn't that... Yeah, it's the girl who killed our scouts a few days ago!"
    "Yep... Time for some pay- WHOA!"
    A bullet went pass them both.
    "Is she ALREADY shooting at us!"
    "No! She took cover as-"
    Another sound rang in the air as his companion got shot in the head, with a cracking sound. He was gone.
    He tried to run... But wasn't fast enough, he too. Had died with blood leaking from his body...

    When you hear gunfire from a distance. Drop to the ground and pull out your own weapon.
    Exactly what I did, but I guess I should thank whoever shot the two bandits that I was gonna kill anyways. On the ground, hidden in the tall grass. I waited... Waited for any more signs of gunfire... After a while, I stood up. Peeking out of the grass, I saw someone looking over the two dead bandits. And looting. Blue plad shirt, blue jeans, and a revolver I have never seen. Looks to be steampunk design. When he turned around I went back in the grass... Readying my pistol for anything.

    "Long time no see Sarah." He said. Now I know who he was... I rose from the tall grass. Still pointing my hand gun at him.
    "Looks like you've been doing some work over there." He nodded towards the mass of corpses in the fields. "And All by yourself! Little Sarah. Killing an entire mob!"
    "I'm not alone you know... But lets talk where it's safe. And not in the open."
    "Great... Also, could you spare a can?"

    Mathews was his name. A friend of mine since grade school. After the zombie invasion started to happen. I don't know where he went, but now. He's here.

    "Thanks for sparring a few food cans for me there Sarah." Looked like he haven't eaten something in a while. Cal checked to see if he was ok... And to see if he was hostile to him or not.
    "You'll be alright, another days rest and you'll be fine Mathews."
    "Yeah. I know that already Nurse."

    They were already fighting, not in a mean or aggressive way, but more in a friendly way. Like how two sibblings fight. It was amusing to see the two use some terrible jokes and comebacks... Or maybe it was only amusing because there were actualy people to talk to. Ten years by yourself can make most people insane without atleast something to talk to.
    "Hey, your revolver may I take a look at it?"
    Mathews handed his Revolver to Cal. He started to examine it.
    "A double-action 6 shot Steampunk styled revolver... Impressive"
    "Yeah... Except the 5th shot won't do anything."
    "Maybe I can Fix it"
    "Oh hell no. Im not letting you tinker with my guns."
    "Matt... He made a freaking tesla generator and a rifle with nothing but a few scraps and a car battery. Give 'em a chance."
    "Hmm... Alright, also, what about that door?"

    It was nearly night time and the door still wasn't repaired.
    "You two can work on the door while I fix Mathews Revolver"
    "Ey, who said you were in the lea- ow!"
    I smacked him in the back of the head.
    "No time for arguing. Lets hurry up with the doors"

    Doors were fixed. And hinged to the door frames. And barricaded. I was exhausted due to both the lack of sleep, and the ammount of work from last night and today.

    "Your revolver is ready Mathews"
    Cal handed Matt his revolver back, this time. Painted, longer barrel, and with some sort of blade on the under barrel with the words. "SteamPower" engraved in it.
    "Whoa... You didn't have to go full on on this, I was just expecting you to fix the firing! This is awsome"
    "I see gun modification as a work of art, and if you have time. Might as well make it functional, and look nice at the same time."
    "I agree! Not sure how I'm going to holster this thing, but who cares. Looks awsome!"

    I letted those two talk for a while. While I went upstairs to actualy get some sleep. Atleast now I have some friends to look after. Or will they just slow me down...EKK! I sat on something and it made an oink. STUPID HAMMER!!!!

    PART 5 IS HERE!!!! sorry for the long wait as I tried time and time again to try and write this thing...
    So. How was it? Did you dislike it? Was teh cake a lie? Tell me in the polls above or the description below!
    For now... Cháo!
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