Please improve the battle pass rewards

Do you think that the battle pass rewards should be improved next season?

  • Yes, the rewards should be changed

  • No, they should be debuffed instead of increased

  • I think that the battle bass rewards are just right

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Very recently, Cubic Games has released the 'Battle pass' update. Now it is almost at an end. I am posting this in an effort to make the next battle pass season rewards better. BTW, if you do not know this (and you have to be pretty disconnected from modern video games to not know this), the battle pass is ripped from fortnite battle royale. I also find it annoying to find the phoenix appearing in front of my face every time I try to do something in the game.
First off: Most of the battle pass rewards are 'custom skins' for the Battle Royale mode that has been recently introduced. These skins are merely cosmetic and do not impact gameplay. I do not see the point of spending $9.99 USD on a bunch of customizations that are limited to one game mode.
2: The items won from the premium battle pass are not worth it (in my opinion). Like I said above, most of the rewards for the premium battle pass are custom skins. But that is not all. The other rewards for the premium are not worth it. 1 day of double rewards? 15 gems? I do not think that it is worth it. Well, maybe the Heart of Volcano and the Eva gun are good rewards, but this is, once again, $9.99 USD. I do not think that it is worth it.

All in all, I think that the battle pass is cool, and it is a fun way to reward players for playing, but the rewards are just not viable.
I would also like to ask the developers to give us the ability to turn of third-person POV in battle royale gamemode. fortnite developers did a good job with it, but it is very stiff in PG3D.