Sniper Fort map change


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Recently, I decided that I would go full sniper, because all the other weapons do nothing against opponents (unless you're a p2w, which I'm not). So I upgraded my Sniper gear to best ranks and went to Sniper Forts.

Little did I know that rarely anyone snipes there.
Apparently all anyone does in "Sniper" Forts is grab their explosive/semi-auto sniper, cross the bridge and farm the sh** out of people who expected long range battles. There's also the fact that my max Prototype, the best sniper I have (admittedly I only have 3) needs about 3 shots to the head to kill.

So, here's my suggestion that'll probably never happen:

I want the bridge gone. Completely gone. No way to cross without using a jetpack, which is disabled anyways.
I'm sick of trying to snipe, only to get killed by someone directly behind me. Sniping at close range for bolt actions is hard.

I know this'll never happen, because Rilisoft is a money-grabbing company that don't care about their player base as long as they make money. But it can't hurt to dream.