The Harsh Truth of Suggestions


I made a similar thread about this in the past, except people regarding issues with their game. However, with the recent influx of suggestions from new members, I feel like this needs addressing.

So, without further ado...


So, if you've come here looking to suggest a weapon that you hope for the game to feature someday, you've come to the wrong place, buddy. It is true that Rilisoft DO have an account on these forums, but visit once or twice monthly, and even then, rarely involve themselves in the community.

HOWEVER, we are not telling you to stop suggesting your ideas all together. Feel free to let your imagination run loose, but just don't get upset when your idea isn't featured in the actual game.

Well, with that addressed, hopefully it will clear up things. Once again, we're not telling you to stop posting suggestions, just that there is a very slim chance of your weapon appearing in the game.

Adiòs for now!
Besides that rilisoft probs won't give much credit to you and will change your idea into a p2w cashgrab to ruin the game further for the few of us.
History lesson moment.

During the earlier point of this forums, I've (and another mod) suggested someone create this subforum as a "trash can" (since RiliSoft never actually took any suggestion here aside from 1 IIRC) so the general chat wouldn't be filled up with suggestions. Not sure if the other mods still have the original proposal towards Vash.
Sadly, true. RiliSoft would no longer add weapons from others in here, and they rarely make a weapon contest and even if they did, one person would win against like 100 others and even if it is in the game, it would be a (fair) weapon that turned into an OP abusive weapon.
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