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  1. Swagberg

    Swagberg New Member

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    Avacus: The Tale of the Dragon Phoenix (story so far)

    It all began in another land. Another world if you will...

    I began as a Swordsman passing through a frozen mountain pass trying to deliver a message to another town but... I met my original end by hypothermia. Some people found my body and took me to the nearest town. Because my world is living in a war between light and darkness (yes one of those cliches), my body was given a Viking Burial (burning of a dead body for those who never heard of that before) to prevent the darkness from gaining possession. Suddenly, I was reborn from the flames becoming a master in various sword styles upon standing in the flames like nothing ever happened.

    Continuing my journey and claiming the title of Dragon Phoenix, I fought off many threats to the innocent but none more tougher than the Soul Serpent, a snake deity that tried to shred the existence of our world. After defeating Orocheibei, the Soul Serpent himself, he promised to no longer try to repeat the same mistake. I continued my journey with suspicion that Orocheibei will try again without anyone even knowing. But it seemed like the Serpent struck.

    He somehow managed to make a portal to this unknown world and I got sucked in, transforming me into some blocky version of myself. What is this world? Why do I almost feel like I'm in Minecraft? Is there any way for me to get back to my world? I have to prevent this snake from having his revenge.

    Note: some of the storyline comes from another game called Aurcus Online. It is a RPG that holds a lot of potential in making skill chains.
  2. ~~Russo {ravemiguel}~~

    ~~Russo {ravemiguel}~~ New Member

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    Damn son, I didn't know the most active thread was not related to the game
  3. Inferno the Assassin

    Inferno the Assassin Probably not named Gertrude

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    It's just bare bones right now, it's basically a poem rather than a song but I like the song format with the chorus and stuff so I decided to use it.
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  4. Theta Meta

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    Waking up rather, to the smell of ash and the silence of revelations.. Till.. Many of us lay within wait, a hunter ready to strike whilst a young boy seeks salvation.. "Eleven years a slave.. Eleven years a slave.." the boy would cry out from the blood that soaks him so deeply.. Whilst an unwelcoming aura sounds among the darkness and shadows with such malevolence.. Whilst tensions grow only colder, whilst the blood soaks deeper within.. The idealistic trait of snapping finally manifests itself deeper within the core.. Rather whilst the boy stands face to face with his object of oppression with a single rallying cry.. The very blood lust is heard, whilst insanity washes over and freedom remains within the broken and the dammed.. Souls crushed of creativity and happiness are replaced with only dread and endless fragments of suffering.. Whilst one by one the blood shed draws and takes the dammed, for but a second at peace once more.


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