Cards against Humanity: explanation on what it is and how to play.

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  1. Vulpes

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    Cards against Humanity
    What is it, and how does the game works?

    Cards against Humanity (often abbreviated as CaH), is a online card game, also holding it's physical form too, which should be in sale somewhere.

    How does the game works?

    The main concept of the game, is clever and funny at the same time:
    A black card is sorted out, with a random phrase with a blank spot on the middle or end of it, such as example:

    When the black card is sorted out with the blank spot, each player has a certain ammount of white cards, with a completely random word.
    Your objective on the game, is to select the white card that perfectly fullfils the blank spot on the black card, to select a card, click on a white card, and when the card is a navy blue color, you select the "Confirm Selection" option right below the black card, which is located on the middle left of the screen.

    The Card Czar: what's is it and how it works?

    Each round of the game, a random player is selected as the Card Czar.
    The Card Czar cannot use any white cards, and it's job is to select one of the many other player's cards, and decided which one best fullfiled the blank spot, if a Card Czar selects Player X's card instead of Player Y, Player X will get 1 point, and the circle goes on.

    (Warning: spectators cannot be selected as Card Czars.)

    Where to play the game and some warnings about it:

    You can play Cards against Humanity in a web browser, i suggest you to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, since these two have far better capacity.

    (The link of the site where you can play:

    Now, some warnings about the game and the website itself:
    1. The website on the link i posted above, is still under development, so expect ALOT of bugs, and constant lag.
    2. Do not idle for too long, as you may be automatically kicked from the game if you don't select a card, which can be a problem, since some players have reported the issue of cards not being able to be selected.
    3. Players such as @Dart have reported the issue of not being able to play on mobile devices. It's highly suggested you use a laptop or a PC for better performance.
    4. Cards against Humanity, often called as the
    Most Offensive game in History, this other name is no joke, since Cards against Humanity contains jokes about religion, and many other subjects that i haven't seen yet. But if you are easily offended by things of the sort, i suggest you to stay away from the game.

    Online Matches between the forum members.

    This is an idea i had in mind while playing CaH with @Renegade @Zaliox and @CXNathan, my idea is that we schedule some rounds of CaH with most of the members of the forums, but for that, we'd need to stabilish a day and time that most of us are free to play the game.

    This thread will be close in about ONE WEEK, this will give most of you time to tell me on this very thread if you wish to join the CaH rounds. Reply to this thread and i'll make a conversation between everyone who signed in, incase if you need better explanation, or if i left any detail aside, tell me and i'll fix it.
    Good luck, bye.

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  2. Fury

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    What'll the server be called?
  3. Vulpes

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    That'll be decided when the thread closes. In the moment i invite the people who voted "Yes". After that, we'll talk about the schedules and the day that everyone is free from their duties.


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