Consider This My Dasvidaniya

Discussion in 'Member Departure' started by Anastasia Reizei, Nov 18, 2016.

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    A'ight, now before I begin my whole tearjerking speech about how I'm gonna leave and whatnot, I'll be doin' the thing where I leave names 'n' $#!+, so here goes nothin'.

    @[R.A.Z.E]Ryven You're cool 'n' whatnot. It was a pleasure meetin' ya.
    @Zaliox You're friendly 'n' stuff. It was a pleasure meetin' ya too.
    @Serendipity I was very much honoured to have ya as a daughter! It was quite an honour to meet ya.
    @Vulpes I didn't really get to talk to ya much 'cause of reasons, but I'll just end stuff with this for ya's. Vulkamiiiiiiiiiii~
    @DarkMatter You were pretty nice to me and whatnot, so it was a pleasure meetin' ya.
    @GoldMan27 You were a pretty cool guy 'n' stuff, so it was a pleasure meetin' ya.
    @N1GHTMAR3 You're goddamn name is too weird for me to actually tag, so yeah. It was a real treat talkin' to ya though!
    @Strawberries You were awesome and stuff and I really liked ya, so if ya see this, I had a real great time gettin' to meet ya.
    @Duke_ You were extremely friendly and stuff, so you're cool with me. Ya need to get some self-confidence though, or that'll bring ya down in life.
    @Meownette You were just as friendly as Duke, so I like ya's. Pleasure meetin' ya.
    @GhostHuntarr I liked ya and enjoyed having those random conversations 'bout stuff and stuff. Great times yeah?
    @Donut Don't know ya too well, but you're cool I guess.
    @Scott(`_´)ゞ You were cool 'n' all. I like ya's.
    @Hayabusa You're awesome and 'ave a great name. Can't really say much more than that.
    @Phoenix Sorry for bein' a b**** to ya 'n' all. You were an alright person.
    @Brooke Didn't really get to know ya, but you're cool.
    @Minze Truthfully, I dunno much about ya, but I'll say you're good with 'memes'.
    And last and most likely least, unless I forgot someone.
    @Ansoa Hi senpai~ Well, ya know, I love ya and all, but it's my time to go 'n' stuff. So......I guess this is goodbye for you and me, yeah? Important thing to note 'ere is that I ain't breakin' up with ya, I'm just goin' away 'ere. You're new wife is whoever wants to take the torch and be the new Siberian queen. 'Kay?

    Now for my speech. I'll make things short 'n' sweet for ya's. Are ya ready?
    I'm leavin', goin' to Russia to visit my cousin for a bit, marryin' Eve, ya know, the good stuff. I didn't really do much 'ere but drink and complain, so you'll most likely ignore this 'n' go 'bout you're day, so....yeah. The Queen of Siberia 'ere is steppin' down, this is the good 'ol 'Dasvidaniya' I'm puttin' in, and for all your efforts of bein' nice and or $#!++y to me, I'll give ya a nice suprise! Are ya ready? (Don't get your hopes up for a picture of lil' ol' me.)
    My name isn't even Madison. It's Anastasia. Senpai, you already knew this, so I'll suprise you with something else.
    Ya know, I was tempted to travel to Libya to date ya's and stuff. Eve was all cool's with it too. Then I found out about all the laws and I didn't even consider it. Quite the shame, ya know?
    I'll be around to talk to ya's for a bit (About the first of December) , but don't get your hopes up for anything too exciting.
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    Dear Anastasia.
    as much as i have been saddened to see you leaving, as much as i hate to see another darling i adore leave, as much as i hate the fact that i could have spent more time with you, as much i would have loved to continue Role playing with you, and as much as i sadly didn't get to see you in person, and as much as i can't change a ladies word, i will say this...
    meeting you was something i don't regret one bit, i'm quite thankful that i got to know you, you're tough, maybe not so smart, but if anything you're strict to your word and really, that's kinda enough to make me look at you as someone precious, your personality is just amazing, all of our little talk in the PM's was just fun, and if anything i'm glad i got to help you, and Eve, and remember how you told me that i could ask for anything? yeah i'd like to ask for something from you.
    DON'T underestimate or undervalue yourself, you may say you're not something worth having to bother with, or someone not worth missing, or thanking, but you are, even if you don't see it, honestly, you're pretty Tsundere i must say, but if anything you're charisma was pleasing, i can't be more thankful for you than i already am for being who you are, so please, value yourself a bit more, you're one of my Darlings, my really hilarious and lovely Yandere, and most of all, my precious Queen, Anastasia, i love you and i will miss you, good luck and i wish you a happy life with Eve
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    take care rei ;-;
    good luck, stay safe, and best wishes ;-;
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    RIP, it's always best to know about you.
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    I do not know much about you but it's still sad to see a fellow cool member leave.
    Farewell, stay safe and have a good time.
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    PER₣ECTłØΠ aka nub
    This is painful, as you were a great person that I will definitely miss. I wish you a wonderful life with Eve and hope that youll two be happy. Leb wohl Anastasia, it has been wonderful meeting you.
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