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Alright, I've gotten tired of answering questions, so this is a thread that will answer our frequently asked questions.
Future Moderator(s) and Admin(s) may add questions and answers to this topic as they see fit.

  1. What are these little "robots" on here?
  2. How do I add colors to my Pixel Gun 3D profile name?
  3. How do I add images in the shoutbox?
1. Those little "robots" are tiny bots that search forums and websites' information, and send it to a search engine's databank. For instance, a robot named "Googlebot" is obviously here to scan through our forums threads and such, and send them to Google's databases so that users can search something related to Pixel Gun 3D, and a result from this page will be sent into the user's search results.

2. We have a tutorial that goes through the process of how to do it right HERE.

3. To post images in the shoutbox, you need to click the little tree icon. You will find in the textbox two tags that say "IMG". They will look like this, without the spacing:
[img ][ /img]​
Next, you will need the URL of the image you wish to post. Make sure this image has the file extension .jpg, .png, or .gif, otherwise it will not work. Once you have the URL, paste it in between the square brackets, again without the spacing, like so:
[img ]imageURLhere[ /img]​
Once that's complete, your image should be posted and will show up in the chat!

These are the only questions that have been frequently asked at this time. As the forum grows and the games adds updates, we (the Moderator(s) and Admin(s)) will add the community's frequently asked questions and answer them on this topic.

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