Make Pixel Gun 3D Playable on PC via Windows Store

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A pretty basic suggestion, make Pixel Gun 3D downloadable and playable on PC via Windows 10's Windows Store. Because if Pixel Gun 3D is downloadable via Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, make it available on Windows 10 PC. Apps like Modern Combat 5: Blackout is both on PC and mobile, why not import the same game on Windows 10 PC, but with slight tweaks if possible.

My suggestion to PC from Mobile.
- Separate the PC servers from the Mobile servers (Android, iPad, Windows Mobile). Keyboard and Mouse players are going to be a touchscreen player's nightmare when fighting against them and it would be a major disadvantage from them touchscreen players with keyboard macros and swifter reactions with a mouse.

To clarify everyone that Pixel Gun World exist but then shut down, I DID NOT know Pixel Gun was also on PC. I apologize I didn't know that even existed before, but at least I am kinda or actually suggesting to bring back Pixel Gun World, but I only want to suggest this, because I see Pixel Gun 3D on Windows Store and should be accessible to PC.
Try some of those Android emulators.
I could, but I don't have a good PC without any lag. Not even my Celeron laptop could run it without lag. It's like playing 5 fps and I want to make it around 60 fps.
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that lag depends on how good your PC is, you can use NOX plus keyboard mapping, it works well
as for your suggestion, sorry mate Rilisoft/starobeast/Cubicgames left this place long ago. they never listen sooooo yeah