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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by BurnedOutRevenge, May 18, 2019.

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    I left
    So ever since I haven’t been on this forum in such awhile,I wanted to revisit this forums site just to see if anything has changed because one day I was just thinking and in my mind I was like “Hold on what was that forum I went on a long time ago?” And then I knew it was the pixel gun 3D forums. When I came to revisit this site probably months ago and noticed how bots took over this site. Now that I revisited this site yesterday, I noticed how dead this forums site is. I was really shocked because I remember the times when I made new friends on this site and how I used to join peoples lobbies in the shout box to have fun in the good old pixel gun 3D days.

    When I first discovered this site, I discovered this site from a YouTube named KennyBe(something like that I don’t remember) I thought it was cool to join this forums site so that’s why I’m here!

    Now that revisited this site yesterday and today,I feel sad everytime I look at my old posts because they show how much I miss the good old days of me messing around with people in the off topic section and also the shout box too.

    So how’s my life going? It’s very good, I still play the burnout games because burnout was my favorite video game series of my childhood but it’s too bad EA discontinued the series but still made burnout paradise remastered. The Grid racing games are still my favorite too and also Gran Turismo 4 And 7 too.
    Besides video games,I have recently moved into a new city about a year ago.(the day avengers infinity war came out)
    Though I still live in California and I really like this new house but I miss living at my old city.

    Well that’s all I can say. I know I wrote a little too much but I really felt like sharing this to people that still visit this forum.

    Farewell, BurnedOutRevenge
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    Welp I was never a part of the pg3d forums, but I mainly hung out in the now defunct PGW forums (even though I never got the game lol)

    Honestly I seriously regret all the time (and money) I spent in pg3d as a 6th grader. Oh well....


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