Skin Competition 2

Who made the best skin?

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Thought of one: the winner will be a mod for a month. Obviously it won't happen.
Or at least a different one: will receice.............a drawing, or at least any art request.
Well its a possibility, but im thinking the winner could ask a skin designer that they liked to make them a skin, then the designer could post a photo of all of the body parts, and when they copy it over to the game, they get the skin that they wanted.Its an o.k. theory, I guess.:tongueout:+;)
I can settle for 2.
As for TRW and Aero, your skins were great (Even better than mine).
I'll also be looking forward for the 3rd competition Pixel ;)
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Pardon me, but I would like to re-enter for your third contest, and here is the skin I will be entering with. But if the competition is full its ok. Btw I made this skin for my sister, so don't think I pretended to be a girl.
image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg